La falla del IES

dimarts, 10 de març de 2009
Las fotos muestran el proceso de construcción seguido por los alumnos de 4 PDC.

Construcción de cuerpos y cabezas.

Muñeco listo para pintar.

Muñecos terminados.

La falla terminada y lista para quemar.

Modelo Carta Intercambio y Descripción del IES

Carta de presentación:

Hello / Hi, my name is _______ and I am twelve / thirteen years old.

I attend secondary school. In my class there are __ boys and __ girls.

My favourite subject is / are English, French, P.E., Technology, History, Geography, Maths, Natural Sciences, Computer Studies.

I live in Alaquàs in a flat / house. I live with my parents and __ brother/s and __ sister/s.

I like playing football, basket, volleyball, riding bike, dancing, playing videogames, talking to friends / My hobbies are football and listening to music.

I don’t like dancing, going out.

I am tall / not very tall and thin / not very thin. I have / long / short / medium length, shoulder-length (por los hombros), dark / light, blonde / fair, brown, red, curly (rizado), wavy (ondulado), straight (liso), hair and blue / brown / green eyes.

Write soon / Your pen friend / Hoping to hear from you soon

Descripción de nuestro IES:

The name of our school is "Clara Campoamor" secondary school. It is so named after the famous Spanish politician who fought for giving women the right to vote.

Our school has got two buildings, the gyms’ building and the main building both are big and new. Our school isn't in the centre of Alaquàs but it is located in a nice area next to a small park.

The main building has got three floors: on the ground floor there are the Principal's and Vice Principal's office, the school library, the meeting room, the secretary's office, one special room for art, two workshops and classrooms.

On the first floor there are the teachers' room, four labs and classrooms.

On the second floor there are more classrooms and the special rooms for art and music and three computer science classrooms.

At school we study these compulsory subjects: Spanish, History, Geography, Citizenship, Maths, Science, two foreign languages, English and French, Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education and Religion.

We go to school from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 14:00 and we go to school Monday and Thursday in the afternoon from 15:15 to 18:00.

In the morning we have got six periods every day with a 25 minutes break at 10:50. In the afternoon we have got three periods.


Spanish compulsory education starts at the age of 5/6, when children go to primary school. There they study how to read write and count then they study history, geography, maths, science and a foreign language, usually English.

When children are 12 years old, they go to secondary school for four years.

The compulsory education finishes at 16.

And afterwards they can go to different schools according to their ability and skills.

At about 18 students after an exam, get a high school Diploma and if they want they can go to University.

The school year usually starts the second week of September and finishes at about mid June.

We have a two weeks holiday at Christmas, one week holiday at Fallas and two weeks at Easter, in summer we have about two months holiday.